Cosmetics brand

Need a legal representative for your brand?

If you want to create your cosmetics brand, you need a legal representative. The development of cosmetic products is the essential step that requires the support of experts and laboratory services like CLEAR. The establishment of beauty products requires several steps in the creation of the product formula, the definition of a make-up. Before the product is distributed in the shops, the make-up must undergo a battery of tests.

Make-up and care

Make-up and care

Make a success of your beauty routine by applying innovative make-up.

Perfumes and deodorants

Deodorant ensures that your skin stays fresh all day long.

Anti-ageing products

Anti-ageing products

Delay the effects of time with the best anti-ageing creams.

Hair care


Use hair care products to make your hair easier to style.

beauty salons

Secrets of beauty salons revealed

Beauty salons have a specialised beauty team. They offer various services such as slimming, wellness, manicure, depilation, facials and body treatments.

Expert hands for dazzling beauty

nail stylist

Impeccable nails thanks to a nail stylist

Call on a nail stylist to apply false nails in resin or gel.

Enhance your hair with a professional hairdresser

Make your hair look great, get exceptional results by leaving it in the hands of a professional hairdresser.

Passionate make-up artists to make you shine

A professional make-up artist has a great artistic sense. The expert uses creativity and imagination.

Camouflaging facial flaws

The beauty gems that make a splash every day

Reveal your beauty with CBD products

Apply a CBD mask to your skin to soften it by choosing an exfoliator or scrub. This substance naturally regenerates and soothes your face. Cannabidiol is a compound with natural properties that are beneficial to the skin. Some CBD products reveal your beauty by offering you a unique and transformative make-up experience.

Reveal your beauty with CBD products
The layering method for radiant skin

The layering method for radiant skin

The first phase of layering is to remove make-up. If you have a mixed skin, you should use a cleansing milk. But if you have oily skin, you should choose a micellar water. In some cases, you can also use a cleansing oil. The advantage of this Japanese or Korean beauty ritual is that it repairs, enhances and protects your skin with an all-in-one ritual.

Beauty in the spotlight: Beauty trends

Beauty trends not to be missed

Solid & organic cosmetics on the rise

Concerned about the environment, consumers are interested in the eco-responsible approaches of brands. Organic cosmetics are responding to the zero waste and clean beauty movements.

Cryo beauty, the power of cold

Cryo beauty is a cold slimming method. This technique reduces fat in targeted areas: the buttocks, the stomach, etc.

Facial yoga, simple exercises

Facial yoga is a self-massage exercise that helps to beautify the eyes, ease tension and smooth out forehead wrinkles. Facial yoga refines your features.